Belize Lifts Most Covid-19 -Related Travel restrictions

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Belize removed many COVID-19 regulations on April 1 for citizens and international visitors, including dropping indoor and outdoor mask mandates, lifting all curfews, and doing away with social distancing guidelines.

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) announced that most coronavirus-related restrictions and protocols have been lifted.

In addition, all clubs, bars, restaurants, and casinos are fully reopened to maximum capacity, while there are no limits on any forms of social gatherings.

While the majority of restrictions were lifted, certain protocols for travelers entering Belize are still in place to protect local communities from another possible outbreak, including showing proof of a negative test taken before arrival for those who don’t have a full vaccination.

“Thanks to the steady decrease in COVID-19 cases at both the district and national levels, there is no longer a threat of community spread due to the virus,” Belize Minister of Health and Wellness Kevin Bernard said in a statement.

The current protocols still call for mandatory testing to be administered at land border points and seaports for unvaccinated travelers, while international visitors must purchase Belize Travel Health Insurance and complete the Customs and Immigration form provided on all flights to the country.

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