Delta CEO Provides Update on Plans to Better Serve Customers

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Acknowledging that the unexpected pace of the return of travel has resulted in “some unforeseen challenges,” Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian told customers the airline pledges to do better.

“The last thing you want is to experience long hold times when you call reservations or receive a notification that your flight schedule has changed,” Bastian said in one of his “Letters From Ed” series that began last year with the pandemic. “We know you expect more from Delta and assure you that these challenges are temporary. The Delta team is here to serve you and is taking significant actions to alleviate these pain points.

They include accelerating staffing and resources to reduce wait times on the phone and at the airport, a huge bugaboo with all airlines that were overwhelmed with the sudden return of travel.

“With the influx of travelers coming back after more than a year at home, our agents on the phone and at the airport have experienced an unprecedented level of questions about travel policies and schedule changes,” Bastian wrote. “That has resulted in significant wait times, which is why we’re rapidly adding staff and leveraging new technology to serve you in a timely manner.”

Delta Air Lines CEO, Ed Bastian.
Delta Air Lines CEO, Ed Bastian.

Bastian said the Reservations and Care team is welcoming back hundreds of Delta alumni to alleviate wait times while hiring 1,300 specialists who will be trained and ready to serve customers by September.

Bastian added that Delta is hiring more than 5,000 people across the business, including more than 3,000 in Airport Customer Service and other operational areas, to supplement key service areas like catering, wheelchair staffing and a continued commitment to cleanliness.

The carrier will also expand its digital tools, including and the Fly Delta app, and assist customers in staying updated on entry requirements with its Travel Planning Center or viewing country-by-country details to plan a trip with the Delta Discover Map.

“Our core values include always learning from our experiences and using those insights to constantly improve how we serve you. We are committed to restoring and exceeding the reliability and service you’ve come to expect from us,” Bastian wrote. “Thank you for your patience as we continue to do everything we can to improve and enhance your experience.”

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